Friday, August 6, 2010

The Blue Heron Show

I have had a busy time preparing for the Blue Heron opening, which was last Friday.
Framing and getting things ready to hang took up most of my time. I also painted "near daily" up until the show, attempting to get some last minute things done. Touching things up in the studio was especially challenging. I normally keep the door and windows open to help with fumes, but the mosquitos were so bad that I had to hole myself up and then waft the air in at regular intervals. I need some Gamasol!

The paintings are hung in three sections of the store. One section features the winter pieces, one still life and spring, and a summer display. It's nice to see winter paintings this time of year, it sort of cools you off.
You can see many of the paintings by scrolling down this page.

On Friday, the day of the opening, there wasn't a quiet moment. Having the opening from noon until nine was a great idea. Several people stopped on their lunch break, and many more after work.
The show was a big hit, twice as good as I could have expected. About a third of the paintings are sold.
The paintings are available by emailing myself at or the Blue Heron at

I'd like to thank Dana, Kay and Larry at the Blue Heron, as well as everyone else who came down on Friday.

More Pics to come.

Photobucket David Armstong (with 2 wrapped up paintings!), Myself after a long day and "The Dude" Noah Anderson.