Friday, January 27, 2012



We had one snowstorm in November, but it melted in a day or so. There was rain and warm weather into January.
We finally got a good snow cover last week, and some sun to go with it.

Finding a place to park in the winter can be challenging. I don't have 4WD, so when I see something that I'd like to paint I have to be careful if I pull into the ditch.
On this day, there was too much snow, so I asked a nearby neighbor if I could park in their driveway.
It's always interesting after you ring the doorbell, not knowing what you are going to be met with. I always explain that I'm interested to paint a landscape, and would like to park my car on their property. These people understood right away and were accommodating.
Sometimes it takes a bit more explaining, something like, "I don't want to paint on the tractor, I want to paint the tractor."
Of course, painting in town is another option, where parking is a bit easier.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Foundry in January



The first half of January felt more like Spring than Winter.
Temperatures were warm, sometimes mid 50's.
While I was painting these, people were outside doing all sorts of things, running, walking the dogs, playing with holiday presents, enjoying the weather, and stopping to chat.
I enjoy talking while I paint. I usually keep painting, while I talk, I'm not trying to rush you away, it's just that I like to paint while I talk.
Now it is much colder, people are less likely to stop to see what's on my easel. If you see me out there painting, please pull up and say hi. You can stay in your car, but it's nice to see you too! Just don't run me over, or sneak up on me.

The light during the Winter months is especially great. The sun hangs much lower during this time of year which makes dramatic shapes possible, aiding in design, even during the noon hour.
The top piece was painted at high noon, and the one below closer to sunset.