Friday, August 5, 2016

Painting In Door County

Eagle Panorama at Peninsula State Park. 16x20" oil on panel

Sturgeon Bay 16x20" oil on panel
I was up in Door County this week, teaching a painting class for teens at the Peninsula School of Art. The class went really well. On each day we had a drawing exercise in the morning, and then we went out onto the grounds of the school to paint outdoors. I went out in the evenings to paint as well. The top painting is from Eagle Panorama at Peninsula State Park. The bottom painting was created in Sturgeon Bay, there is a little tugboat at the right of the building.
It was a great time, but just before the trip, I got a email from Martha Huthchinson saying that she was leaving the school. Martha has been the youth program coordinator since 2012, and her parents own Clay Bay pottery in Ellison Bay. Martha and I worked on several classes over the past five years. I enjoy the energy of working with youth students on classes such as the plein air class and we even have held classes on screen printing skateboard decks. I will miss seeing Martha's smiling face at the school, she is always so helpful and ran a great program. The youth program will continue, and I will be back on board for next year as well.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Online Show


I have a show up at Blue Heron in Reedsburg. I hung the show today, and shot some photos of the paintings during the process. I have posted several of the pieces from the show, please scroll down to check them out. If you are in the area, please stop by to see us on Saturday!

Online Show

Golden Hour Farm 12x9" $375


Fox Dog 8x8" $275

Spring Watermelon 8x8" $300

Baraboo Plum Tree 9x12" $300

Spring Vista 24x36" $800

Golden Hour Clouds 20x24" $650

Grainery 9x12" $330


Orange Slices 8x8" $250

Corn Crib 12x9" $370
Early Spring Barns 12x16 $450
Corn Cribs 11x14" $450
Spring Tree 12x16" $450
Colorful Forest 12x12" $400

Online Show

Flowering 24x20" $650 - Free Shipping

Horseshoe Bay Farms 14x18" $450 Free Shipping


Frozen Stream 16x20" $500 Free Shipping 


Spring Farm 11x14" $400 Free Shipping

Friday, June 17, 2016

Online Show

Hi Everyone, I have a show coming up on June 25 at Blue Heron in Reedsburg. Please stop by if you are in the area. I will be posting the show online as well, to offer you the chance to grab one of my paintings even if you can't be there in person. If you are interested, I will ship these with insurance for the price listed on each piece. Here are the pieces from today, please check back early next week for more.
Thank You, Kyle Martin.

8x8" oil on stretched canvas $250.00
This Piece was painted in late October, the week after we had the Fall Art Tour here on the farm. These sugar maples are on Terrytown road and this was the first painting of a few that I did at that forest. I saved this one for my show at Blue Heron, while the rest went to the small works show at the Art Bar in Milwaukee. This piece has been hanging in my studio since last October, and I framed it with a contemporary gold frame, which sets off the warm colors in the painting.

The Cat with Yarn 8x16" oil on panel $400
This is a painting of my cat! I painted this back in January, as a part of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. This painting was supposed to go to a show in Madison, but when I ordered a custom frame for the non standard size, they sent the wrong size. Thankfully, San Diego frame co has great customer service, and the cat will see the light of day now. Better late than never.

The Editor 8x6" oil on panel $250
I was teaching a workshop through Gallery Dillon in Madison a month ago, and was drawn to paint a portrait of this gentleman in a fedora. We were on the banks of the Yahara River on a sunny day, and this was a lot of fun to paint.

Spring Light 8x6" $250 oil on panel
There is a shack on the far side of our farm near the west cornfield. In the early spring, it's not so bad to walk out to the shack, and this was painted in early April during the last light of the day. Now that the canary grass and weeds are getting so high, it's nearly impossible to get back there.

Maci 10x12" oil on panel $425
A head study of my favorite ten-year-old-going-on-seventeen, Maci!

Cherry Tree and Blue Shed 18x18" oil on canvas $675
We had an early spring in Wisconsin this year. While I was painting this the birds were singing and there were sweet scents from blossoming cherry trees in the air. Spring is my favorite season, especially these nice sunny days, where there is not a lot of humidity in the air.

Forsythia Neighborhood 18x18" oil on canvas $675
Forsythia and Magnolia bushes are the first signs of color in the spring, and Baraboo is full of both. For a couple of weeks, everything looks surreal. I suppose that's just the beauty of nature.