Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rest in Peace Dad - We Love You!

Rest in Peace Dad _ I love you!
You were such an inspiration to me.
You taught me hard work and how to make the right choices.
You always took the time to take me to the batting cages and pitch balls to me.
You were never too tired to play basketball with me.
You tried to ollie on my skateboard, just for fun.
You would move your farm equipment around for me so I could have a better compostion to paint it from.
You fixed my bug up, the car I loved, in secret and gave it to me. I'll never forget riding around with you in it this year.
When you saw me on t.v. you said you were proud of me, Dad, this was the absolute BEST moment in my life.
Dad, I wish I could have been there sooner. I wish I'd painted at the farm that day.
Dad, we prayed over your body, we didn't want you to go.
Dad, we miss you so much, you were the backbone of this family. You are the reason I moved back here from madison. I have always respected you so much, but I never could find the right words to tell you. You taught me to be proud.
We miss you and Love you Dad.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The evening comes quicker than I'd like. These nocturns came from neccesity and were a nice change of pace.
10x20 oil on canvas.
16x20 oil on canvas.

Brown Cow...

...cheesecake, from the Deli Bean!
12x12 oil on canvas


I was stuck inside with a bad cold last week. These portrait/figure studies were fun to work on, you couldn't ask for a better model!
11x14 oil on canvas. Sold.


11x14 oil on canvas.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Gravity Box

My Dad pulled up with this gravity box and parked it in the corn field. The light was right, I took shelter from the sun behind some round bales and went to work.
11x14 oil on canvas.

Out by the corn field.

I painted the barn while my Dad milked the cows. It rained, it snowed, the sun shined and the wind blew my easle over all while painting this.
18x24 oil on canvas.

Elephant Trunk Rock - Richland County

11x14 oil on canvas.