Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Grede Foundries.

The temperatures were in the single digits when I went painting friday evening. How can such a warm sunset happen on such a cold day?
12x16 oil on canvas. $240.


james said...


Your two line comments on your paintings continue to be exceptional. Don't ever stop doing that. I've been telling others about your work. Congrats on the front page paper coverage. - James

Paul said...

This one is awesome Kyle. Nice Work. The colors are amazing.

jonnyjayhawk said...

KYLE!!!! paul showed me this. soooo sick. paul showed me this one.... keepem coming man!

Blogger said...

This is my very favorite of all your paintings so far. And you are so young, so there are so many more great paintings ahead! :)

Kyle Martin said...

Hey, thanks!
Collection of Marcy and Jim Montgomery