Saturday, January 24, 2009

Skyline Road.

Skyline road is between Reedsburg and Rock Springs, and is one of the best views in the area. I'll be back!
16"x20" Oil on canvas. $400, includes "plein air" frame.


Dan Corey said...

I gotta say many these are GREAT! I really see you going to the top and when I get some $ I'll be buying some of your pieces for sure. Take Care, Dan

Kyle Martin said...

Dan, I hope I can make it out there sometime in the next couple of years to paint some of those lobstor boats! Thanks for the comment!

Bill Guffey said...

Hi Kyle. Man, you've really progressed. I visit here often and enjoy your work.

BTW, when I try to see your work enlarged it takes me to a photobucket page. Just wondering why you don't just upload straight to the blog instead of linking to another site.

Dan Corey said...

Doors open, just let yourself in. ok on second thougt that might scare my wife, so maybe knock..?.

My Bento Diet said...

Lovely paintings! I know exactly where Skyline Road is; I took a photo there this fall (

Have you gone around the Stone Church area, near Rock Springs/North Freedom/LaRue? That's my favorite place to take photos!