Friday, July 8, 2011

Where I'm From, Show Wrap-up

The opening for my show, "Where I'm From", went great. Most of the collectors who purchased a piece agreed to let the painting hang for a couple of weeks, so if you haven't had a chance to see the show please stop by the Blue Heron.

There is a ton of non painting work that goes into having a show, and I'd like to thank everyone who lent a hand in one way or another. We had a great jazz collective who played for pennies. Lindsey Kaney created a great vinyl display for the wall. Dana, at the Blue Heron, does everything she can to get people in the doors, and buttons up all of the sales.

On my end, the weeks leading up to the show went well. The biggest challenge for me was to sort through all of the paintings, and come up with the best pieces that would fit together for the body of work. There are always those last minute paintings that you have in mind to deal with and it's a balance to make it all line up. I had nailed it down, hung the show on a Monday, and by Wednesday came back and hung about 10 new pieces and arranged everything differently.

The only thing that didn't go smoothly was receiving 3 damaged frames in the mail. Two frames were dented and one, a 16"x20" frame, actually had one 15" side. I ordered these frames about a month in advance of the opening, but they went to back stock and didn't arrive until a week before the show. Everything worked out, and it kept me on my toes leading up to the show.

I am working on a new project, a collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. It is a pretty exciting opportunity and gives me the opportunity to paint on the grounds of his home property, Taliesin, this summer.


Paul said...

That's amazing you'll be going to paint Frank Lloyd Wright places. Congratulations, Kyle. I hope to stop by the show sometime soon to see what's still hanging.

Emily said...

Will you post some of your work done at Taliesin? Woul love to see that.