Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Taliesin Summer part 2.




Chris Gargan and I painted through some dramatic weather during our time at Taliesin. Chris stored an 10'x10' ezup tent in our studio and it enabled us to paint in both the rain and sun. The round bales piece was painted in the second half of July, we had only one morning with these bales before they were taken from the field. When we pulled up, the light was moving quickly so I tried to observe the colors of the shadowed area before they moved.

The second piece was painted on a hot and muggy afternoon, outside of the tea circle. We couldn't set the tent up at this spot, and I got nailed pretty hard with the mid afternoon light. The paint was really loose this day due to the heat and sun.

The tent saved us on the third piece shown above, and allowed us to paint under some pretty hard rains that hit at the end of the session.


jennifer woodburn said...

These are fantastic. I always enjoy your colour palette.

Kyle Martin said...

Hi Jennifer,
I could say the same for your color palette and abstracion.