Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Art Tour, This Weekend

 Sumac and wild grapes 4x6"

Calf Grazing 5x7"

The Fall Art Tour is finally here! This third weekend in October is always a blast and this is my first year of being a part of the fun. We have renovated our old chicken house, on the farm, into a studio. This was a huge task, and I really have my mother to thank for it. We cleaned it, removed the ceiling to open the space and whitewashed the walls. Finally, we added a chandelier. It is a well lit and clean space, and I'll have just under 80 paintings displayed for the tour. For something new, I've posted a couple of 4 color reduction prints that I'll also have available for the tour. They are both based on paintings that will be on the tour as well. Please browse the website for the tour at for more information.

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