Saturday, May 5, 2012


 In addition to the workshops at the Peninsula Art School in Fish Creek, and the 2 day workshop at the Studio of Fine Arts in Lima, I am offering several 3 day workshops in my chicken coop studio. The studio was renovated last summer and is my space on the Fall Art Tour. Having the chicken coop, complete with chandelier, is a great home base to grab some shade and critique between paintings. 
Value and design are the topic of the first workshop, which will give a great foundation to explore outdoor color in the second. I'm beginning to prepare lesson plans for each workshop to make sure there isn't a dull moment, and there is a few spaces left for each. For the schedule, and more info, please give the images a click! My email is

Our early spring keeps on going! These pieces are framed and hung at Blue Heron.

24x20" Baraboo Cherry Blossom
20x16" Magnolia Branch
16x12" Stream
16x20" Turquoise and Pink
12x12" Georgia Magnolia in the Rain


Andr-X said...

Very beautiful works, KYLE. I love your colors. Awesome!!!

Matthew Holt said...

Kyle, you make it look easy! Great sense of the time of year.

Judith Reidy said...

Great meeting you in Beloit!

Judith Reidy said...

Great meeting you in Beloit!