Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunsoaked Summer Post 1

Summer. It's now. I've had plenty of sketching over the past couple of months. These months are always a high key blur when I think about them in hindsight. Too many smiles to remember.


This is my friend Hess. I usually am up and out painting by 7 or 8 in the morning, and then we meet up and go skateing about noon. He usually sits for me after we skate. Sometimes I can get two out of him. Hess is a good skater, he was really good a couple years ago, but ended up taking too many slams, and now he just likes to cruise around and not try anything too death defying. He moves around like crazy when I'm painting him, swatting bugs, answering his cell phone, and generally acting like the 20 year old that he is. I like it.


Matthew Holt said...

Holy cow dude, these rock! Love the simplicity and confidence of mark-making in both (and of course the sense of light). More please.

Kyle Martin said...

Hi Matt,
Thanks so much ! Had a great time catching up with you and the fam in Door County. Keep in touch dude!