Monday, April 7, 2014

Late Winter Sun

I've been painting smaller pieces, such as this 11 x 14" canvas, with the goal of clearing my voice. I will work my way back up to painting some larger pieces, but for now it seems like making several paintings in a day is the way to progress.
In painting, it is easy to second guess every move, but I just allowed myself to paint this one quickly, and let the accuracy happen. When I look at my favorite painters work, I can feel some of this as well, so I am glad when it happens to me.
The sun shines once in a while during Mud Season, and I was glad it did on this day.


Matthew Holt said...

Kyle, this looks so real and honest. Love it! I enjoy reading and hearing your thought process. Super I'll continue to return to, to study and look at.

William R. Moore said...

I recall reading somewhere (I don't recall who just now) that it is also good to practice making many starts and taking them no further.

William R. Moore said...

I recall reading somewhere I don't recall who, now) (that it is good to make many starts and take them no further.