Monday, February 20, 2017

Spring Fever

The temperatures are rising. The past week has had temperatures in the 50's and 60's. I was out painting all weekend in Baraboo, and everyone was out walking their dogs, riding bicycles, and playing at the parks. I think everyone has a touch of spring fever.

I've had some good times painting spring in Baraboo over the past few years. In honor of the warm weather, I wanted to post some of them here. By the end of the week we will be back to the 30's. After we shake winter, there will be a couple months of mud season, but there is hope, May is coming!

East Street Plum 12x16" 2011
Platteville House and Fence 6x8" 2013

Magnolia Branch 20x16" 2012

Blossoming Branches 20x24" 2013

Baraboo Magnolia 11x14" 2016

Plum Street 16x20" 2012
Plum and Picket 9x12" 2016

Marsh Magnolias 16x12" 2012

Spring Explosion 18x18" 2012

Tulip and Fence 12x24" 2011

Baraboo Cherry Tree 24x20" 2012

Forsythia 18x18" 2016

May in Cedarburg 8x10" 2014

Flowering Branch 24x20" 2016

Flowering 12x16" 2016

East Street 12x12" 2011
Baraboo Cherry Tree 18x18" 2016


Patricia Wafer said...

Thanks for spring memories!! I was out painting at Indian Lake the last 2 days. Now it's back to winter for a while, I guess. Your spring visions are beautiful!

Kyle Martin said...

Thanks Pat! Good for you getting out to Indian Lake, I was in Baraboo for most of the nice weather. Will you be in the show in Cross Plains?

ketiak bauk said...

i like your post

rabecca_g said...

I miss springtime in Wisconsin! It's hot and hotter pretty much all year down here in Texas, but I'll take the heat over a Wisconsin winter any day.
Kyle, this collection is beautiful. Pastels are fun colors to work with and your depiction of each moment is flawless on the canvas. Thank you for sharing