Thursday, January 17, 2019

Plein Air Painting at Memorial Union in Madison Wisconsin

Here is a video from 2011, of a day spent painting at the memorial union. A film crew from the University saw me painting, and got a few shots of me. I was in town to see a show of paintings from my friend Marla Brenner. She was showing at the UW hospital. Her website is
I was working at the Boys and Girls club that day, so I can remember being late to work that day. I painted two paintings, and then saw the show with Marla, and then got yelled at for being late to work.
Here is a painting that I did at the Union around the time that the video was shot. These are the little boats that the Hoofers Sailing club uses to teach sailing. "Grapefruit Boats at the Union" 2011

Another painting from the same timeframe. "Late Summer Farm" 2011

"Terrytown Sunset" 2011

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