Friday, October 16, 2009

Rain Delay

It has been a wet autumn here. The one sunny morning that we had this week was filled up with schoolwork. I have been painting under the umbrella as much as time allows right now.

This farm is tucked away behind Bender's, on Mile Rd. (I believe.) Cows. Good times.



Here is a Rainy late afternoon. This farm is the first white barn on the left after you pass Keonecke Ford on the way to LaValle.



I was completely rained out and soaking wet (but happy) when painting this one. There came a point when the paint would not stick to the canvas any more.



This weekend is the Sauk County Artist Association Fall Art Tour. I will be participating in the un-officail D-Tour. The D-Tour includes a opening tonight at the Wollen Mill Gallery, and several other events. My role in the D-Tour is to be out painting on Town Hall Rd. on Sunday after 3pm or so. If you'd like, stop out and see me on the D-Tour.

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