Thursday, July 1, 2010

Reedsburg Historical Photo's Now Online - Thanks Paul!

One of Reedsburg's finest, Paul Schonfeld, has recently undertaken the large project of uploading the Library's collection of historical photographs.

Here is a couple of photos that caught my eye right off the bat. The Reedsburg Woolen Mill, now the Wollen Mill Gallery, burning. The fire looks interesting, almost painted on - possibly due to a long exposure time?


And here is the Big Store fire. Gary Cooper, my neighbor, told me that on this night his parents brought him down to watch the fire. Over a police radio, he heard someone in Madison ask what that big glow was coming from our direction.

You can check the photo's out, by clicking the link below. It's some pretty interesting stuff. Paul will be working on getting more posts over the next several days/weeks. If you visit the site, please be sure to leave a comment.

For more Paul, check his blog Tell Everyone at


Sharon Mylrea said...

Hey, Kyle! THANKS for posting the link to the Reedsburg historical pictures! I remember both the Big Store fire and the Woolen Mill fire! I'm going to send the link to my Mom -- I bet she'll enjoy looking at the photos! Your Cinque Terra Pal, Sharon

Kyle Martin said...

Hi Sharon,
Yes, the pictures are all really interesting. I had a chance to talk with Paul about some of his favorites over the weekend, and he was interested to find out that there was an automobile manufacturer in Loganville, as well as a Nestle factory here in Reedsburg. You should check out his blog as well.
Thanks for stopping in, we'll always have Italy@!