Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Rounds

Last week had plenty of sunshine. It was the perfect time to bale hay. We all knew that the rain was coming Sunday evening.
This was painted on Ableman Rd, east of Reedsburg. I had plenty of visitors this morning, Ray Astle was picking up a load of his own and stopped to chat, Nick Miller was on the way to go fishing and stopped for a while and Anne and Errol Beth pulled over for a quick look. For an 11x14, I sure was pokey, I'm lucky I made it to work at all that day!

11"x14" oil on canvas.


Jan Yates, SCA said...

Certainly an appropriate title! This takes my breath away--you are such a colourist(Canadian SP) the light and chroma is amazing!

Yeah, they just started the hay here, too, and there are some in the back field with my name on them..I hope

Kyle Martin said...

Hi Jan,
I'm glad you like this one! Color is fun, others that I paint with are always encouraging me to try new colors/ideas with colors. In this one there is some kings blue, which is a pretty sweet color.

I had almost forgot how much I enjoy painting hay bales; these were the first I had worked with this year. I'd say, just get out there and give it a shot!


One Step Away said...

Like the way you are using color to move the eye around the canvas. Agreed with everything Jan said and I've also enjoyed looking at her work too. Clever use of technology with the Feedjit link. Just spent some time learning about that.