Sunday, November 21, 2010

Have you HERD?

I will be hanging new work at the Blue Heron the day after Thanksgiving.
These past weeks have been event filled, feeling things out, finalizing what will go up and ordering frames. This autumn I have been working a bit differently by taking pieces done in the open to the studio, and these works reflect that. I am very excited to finish up the framing so that I can get back to working outdoors every day. The transition from late Fall to Winter is beautiful.
Please stop by to see the work and say hello on Sunday November 28th from noon until 2pm.


brian eppley said...

hey Kyle, Love this cow and all the recent stuff. You're on a roll. Great commentary too. Really lively work. Keep it up!

cissy said...

Kyle, I really enjoy seeing your paintings. Your use of color and your compositions are just wonderful! Congratulations and good luck on your upcoming show, and, Happy Thanksgiving.

Kyle Martin said...

Hi Brian, good to hear from you! I'm glad you can see some life in here.

Hi Cissy, thanks for stopping in. When I've been working in the studio there is unlimited (well a little more anyway) time to think about composition.