Monday, April 11, 2011

Late Winter

Spring is finally here... well it is pretty close! The daffodils are up in my front lawn and there are even some buds on the trees. I cannot wait to get out there to paint the flowering trees that should be in bloom in a couple of weeks. This winter, I was painting in the studio quite a bit, and it was my first year doing so. When I look at these landscape pieces, which were painted outdoors, I see more deliberate attention to edges which must have happened because of the studio sessions. Another thing I have been working towards is designing the paintings by stating the major masses and not changing the tone too much when working into each area. While it is a fundamental idea, one I have been turned onto it for some time, it always takes a whole lot of painting to actually work it into the pieces. For me at least. I enjoy the luxary of being able to look at the subject for an extended period of time in the studio, but when it comes down to it, my first love will always be grasping the essentials and working alla prima. I guess painting in Wisconsin is perfect, half of the year is great outdoors and the studio is inviting for the colder months. It wouldn't be any fun if we had it all figured out! Hazy Farm. 16x20" oil on canvas.
The Grainery. 11x14" oil on linen

The Yellow House, not Vincent's. 8x10" oil on canvas.

On the "DL". 11x14" oil on linen.

House shadows. 8x10" oil on canvas.

Please leave a comment, and I have some big news coming in a post later this week.


Chris Gillis said...

Great stuff Kyle I really love the shapes and masses in that first one...I'm excited to get out there myself, all I've been doing is indoor work.

Kyle Martin said...

Hi Chris,
Good to hear from you!
I hope you can get out there soon.


David Westerfield said...

Yes, good stuff. It's been a while since you posted. I got out some this winter, in other locations, but I'm exited too to get out here in the midwest.

Frank A. said...

Kyle..I think that your plein air pieces will surely benefit from the studio work and the particular exercise that you have been commited to this past winter. They are impressive and I think (IMHO) read really well. Beauties !

Lots of luck with the summer painting..