Monday, May 2, 2011

First Signs...

...Of Spring. I'm so happy that May is here, even if it feels more like March.

This was the perfect place to set up and paint on the one nice day that we had last week. You can see, there are no leaves on the trees, but we're on the verge.
Bodendeins round barn.
12x16" oil on linen.

Daffodils have to be my favorite flower. I think I like them most for their attitude. When it snows on them they dont die, they just put their head down and wait for the next sunny day.

11x14" oil on linen.

11x14" oil on linen.

I had plans to paint outdoors yesterday, but my easel blew over immediately after setting it up. I headed into the studio and painted a May Day Bouquet.

8x10" oil on linen.

By evening the winds died down and I was able to get out for the last bit of light.

8x10" oil on linen.

Finally, a wild card. This is a piece from January. It was cold and windy, so I tried to finish it as quickly as I could and took written notes about things that I would change in the studio. I pulled it out over the weekend and decided to leave it as it is, I liked the geometric shapes after all.

16x20" oil on canvas.

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Tim Webster said...

I love your paintings! Good stuff=)