Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blue lit Gold


I like the idea that paintings are right outside of my front door.
I try to remind myself of this daily.
This cuts down on driving time and allows more time behind the palette.
When I do not remind myself of this, bad things happen.
I end up driving around, aimlessly, down some country road looking for something that's not there. I end up painting a landscape that is just a band of land, bluffs or trees and sky.

Some great abstract compositions are in my backyard, down the street or a few blocks away. It might be that I grew up skateboarding around these places, and I'm familiar with them. They feel good to paint.
I've painted this big blue warehouse, in front of the co-op several times. During the last hour of light, it catches a great, golden, quality of light that I don't need to drive any further for.

I was out on this piece for a few days, under similar lighting conditions. Being an alla prima man at heart, I painted this version one day when haze blocked the sun. It snowed the next day and put me out of business.



Mick Carney said...

The glow on that first one is wonderful. Sound advice about staying close to home. I wonder how many hours we waste wandering the roads in search of subject matter.

Matthew Holt said...

These are some killer paintings,Kyle! So true what you said. I always find myself wasting time driving and searching for the perfect vista just to be disappointed. Other times, the sun will be hitting a subject just right and wished I had my paints with me. Gotta hook up one of these days to paint! Bye the way, received a catalog from Peninsula School of Art a week or two ago and saw that you're doing a workship up there. Cool...good for you!

Scott Ruthven said...

That's a nice painting Kyle; the color combinations are very soothing. Your comments about having subject matter available right in front of you resonate as well!
Artist in Disguise

Dottie Leatherwood said...

beautiful color palette! Love those purples and blues! A very wise teacher once told me "it's not the subject, it's the paint" demonstrated this perfectly!

David Westerfield said...

Yep. You're right. I regret those days that I've spent more time looking then painting. Nice work.

Kyle Martin said...

Hi Mick,
Thanks for stopping in! I am afraid to hear what my total is.


Kyle Martin said...

Hi Matt,
I think that Bonnard had the right idea, by keeping a small paint box in his shirt pocket. I agree, let's paint soon!

Kyle Martin said...

Hi Scott,
Thanks for commenting! I'm glad the color harmonies moved you.


Kyle Martin said...

Hi Dottie,
Yes, when something is painted, the magic happens. My favorite painters are those who can prune down the visual data and give us something new from it.


Kyle Martin said...

Hi David,
Yes, before I hop in the car I ask myself, "Can I walk?". There are great abstract shapes all around us... Thanks for stopping in!