Friday, February 17, 2012

Highway 23


The light changes quickly when painting outdoors. That's pretty obvious, right? It is easy to predict this change when painting a building that aligns with north - south directions. The light hits the East side of the building until 11:00 AM or so. Then there is a transition between 11:00-1:00 PM. This is when I like to take a break from painting for the day. The light then hits the West side of the building. Of course the South facing walls are being lit up for most of the day.

This barn didn't align with those directions. Many buildings do not. The light was the best on this barn for about 45 minutes each morning that I worked on it. Because the barn is weathered, it quickly turned from direct light to grazing light to long shadows from the irregular barn boards, and finally to complete shade. This isn't neccesarily harder to paint, it just has to be planned for. I guess it's these sorts of things that i like the best about painting. There are as many different ways to solve the puzzle as there are painters.


Scott Ruthven said...

Nice Kyle! I like the mood of the piece. The shapes of color and the colors themselves are very nice.

Chris Gillis said...

wow kyle - gorgeous painting. I love how you painted the grunge on the side of the barn - these larger works are some of your best to date. keep it up man!

Kyle Martin said...

Hi Scott,


Kyle Martin said...

Hi Chris,
Yes, that's the thing with so many of these old barns that aren't in use anymore, they are getting to the end of their life. It's expensive to re side or paint these things, not to mention keep them up structurally. I'm a fan of anyone who keeps their barns up! Thanks for stopping in!


andr-X said...

Great colors!

Kyle Martin said...

Hi Andrey,