Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Late Winter

When it comes to blogging, you don't have to be great to try, but you have to try to be great!

Here are some pieces from late February and the first week in March, the end of winter.
This year, the temperatures are so high, that the trees are blooming now. Maybe it is payback for the late spring that we had last year? Whatever it is, I'm happy to wake up every morning and rediscover what I like about painting color in the warmer months.






"Maybe I am not very human - what I wanted to do was to paint sunlight on the side of a house.

-Edward Hopper


andr-X said...

This is amazing! Excellent style and colors!

Mick Carney said...

Great control of the values. These images border on abstraction and hover between the reality and the impression. This creates a fascinating experience for the viewer.

Dan Corey said...

Top Shelf pieces Kyle ! You make the Blue tang proud to have you in the ranks. :