Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Art in Sauk County

The Sauk County Fine Arts Festival will be held this Sunday, February 3rd. This event will bring together some of the finest musicians and artists from Sauk County. This year I have been invited to give a demonstration and lead a discussion on painting, and the area. The discussion will start at 12:30, and is at RAHS. 

The piece above is one, BP Sunflower Farm, is of my favorites from late summer. We had a terrible drought this summer, and these sunflowers suffered because of it. They are normally over head high, but none of these grew past my waist.


Mick Carney said...

Your picture will be a highlight of the show.

Dan Corey said...

Love this piece Kyle! Have fun at the event, break a brush!

Kyle Martin said...

Thanks Mick, I hope so!

Thanks Dan, I think I will break something! I'll probably start it off like Charles Sovek, "no getting coffee till this thing is all over."