Monday, January 14, 2013

It's That Time Again...

... Workshop time! I am excited to head up to the Peninsula School in Door County for a three day workshop, this Friday - Sunday. This subject of the class is painting interiors bathed in natural light, exploring values and simplicity of design is especially cozy this time of year. I have been spending my days painting and my evenings putting together materials for the class, I like to have plenty of learning tools and materials on hand so that the information can stick in the long term. By preparing some video's for my student's, focusing on value and composition, they will be able to return to them over and over. It's the next best thing to having me in their living room! I enjoy teaching and can't wait for the class to begin.

I am also a part of a group show in the Guenzel Gallery, at the Peninsula School. The show is the annual Salon Show, where hundreds of works fill the Gallery from floor to ceiling, in traditional salon style. The opening party is Saturday evening. The School knows how to put on an opening reception, so get ready to party if you are in the area.

"Details. When a boat comes out of the fog, you see first the large simple forms. As it comes closer, you see more. Each detail grows in place and with the same relationship to the other details that it had at first the details do not suddenly leap out at you but appear by gradual transition. Noting is applied. Everyithing grows out of the thing itself. The thing grows and the details are the crescendo of the form. You put the cart before the horse if you put them first" - Kimon Nicolaides.


Matthew Holt said...

Sounds like a fantastic workshop, Kyle. Wish I could make it. Real strong tractor piece too!...I can't click on it to enlarge though.

Dan Corey said...

Lucky students! This piece is what it's all about.. Love it!