Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Do You Remember Summer?

All this snow makes one want to revisit works created this summer.

Morning, Cows grazing. I was up early quite a bit in the late summer, chasing the intense light effect.

Evening, Cows grazing. Just the facts, thrown on quickly. I was experimenting with some new pigments during this one. So many of our Wisconsin landscapes looks like this, pastoral scenes with abstract patches of long grasses.


jennifer woodburn said...

Really enjoy your work - you have a lovely colour palette.

jennifer said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for the compliment. I just got a few new colors in the mail, including a big can of cobalt green. My current palette is:

Naples Yellow Light
Naples Yellow
Hansa Yellow
Cad Yellow Medium
Golden Ochre
Winsor Orange
Cad Red Med.
Quinacridone Red
Alizarin Crimson
Indian Yellow (autumn mostly)
Sap Green
French Ultramarine
Pthalo Blue
Pthalo Green
Cerulean Blue
Emerald Green
Cobalt Green
Cobalt turquoise light

Titanium white.

Yeah, it's a load. I'm starting to plan my palette for spring now, it shoule be interesting.