Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Boots - AM Radio

Winter is the best. It is a relaxed time of year. Time seems to open up a bit and allow one to as they please, rather than running around aimlessly.
I had plans to paint directly after my last final, but it was snowing. I decided to take cover and set up looking out of my garage to paint this tree.
9x12 oil on canvas.

Often times, a clear sky will dominate the day, only to give way to cloudy haze in the last hour of light. These make for some dramatic winter sky's...
11x14 oil on canvas.

...but sometimes, the sky's remain open, allowing golden light to dance on the subject.
11x14 oil on canvas.

9x12 oil on canvas.

I have new boots (thanks mom!) and they have opened up a new world of warm feet. When I painted this larger canvas, I was actually sweating. I spotted this view on the way to Jenny's grandparents house on Christmas, and made a note to return on a sunny day.
18x24 oil on canvas.


joshess said...

Dude these are all illin! Especially that last big boi, incredible. Keep it up man, this is good stuff!

Kyle Martin said...

Hey, Thanks Josh. I was out today with a 18x24... I'd post it right now, but I have to finish lunch and get back out there for the sunset.

Anonymous said...

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Fortenberry said...

Some very nice painting, reminiscent of Fairfield Porter.

jennifer woodburn said...

Lovin' this batch. Great work!

Kyle Martin said...

Hi Fortenberry,
Thanks for the heads up. I looked up Mr. Porter, and enjoyed his work.

Thanks, Jennifer!


Paul said...

I love the golden light trees with the whisp of snow. Also, i'm curious, why'd u mention AM radio in the title?