Friday, January 22, 2016

Door County Interior 8x8" oil on canvas - $99

I returned to my file of photo's today. I view my photos while painting on a canon projector (It's this model). I project the image on the side of the chicken coop studio, and then stand back at my easel from the image about 12 feet and paint. I took my time researching projectors, and I'm happy with the canon model. The image that I project is around 8 feet large and is very bright and colorful, even when I have the lights on in the coop.

I used to paint photo's from a tablet screen, but I find that having a large reference makes me feel like I'm there just a little bit more. The projector has a usb drive, so I just download photo's on a thumbdrive, and can then scroll through them. I also have my dvd player hooked up to it, and I watch skate video's when I ride my elliptical trainer in the mornings.

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