Monday, January 18, 2016

Glazers Doughnuts January 18 - 30 painitngs in 30 days

Glazers Doughnuts 8x8" oil on canvas - $99

Alright more sugar. And it's a good time for it because I'm giving it up on Wednesday. Two years ago, I gave up sugar for three months, and I felt great. But it isn't going to stop there. Just like two years ago, I'm giving up gluten, eggs, peanuts, dairy, artificial sweeteners, soy, and corn. Those foods are hidden in a lot of what we eat and we end up eating so much of these foods them that we end up with varying degrees of food intolerance to them. By cutting out these seven foods, your body is given a break from them. The best part is that I have a great recipe book full of the foods that I love to eat, that also happen to be free of the 7 foods that are eliminated. It takes more effort to follow the diet than just grab food and go, but I'm looking forward to more energy for painting.

Oh, and the coffee that's in the painting, I will NOT be giving that up. It's alright to drink coffee on the elimination diet.

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