Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Gredes Foundries


Foundry at Noon 8x8" - $99

Foundry at Two 8x8"  - $99

The light was good today, so I wanted to get outside and paint. My painting didn't work out yesterday, so I'm putting up two today.
I painted these from the passenger seat in my car. It was 6 degrees when I started, and 8 when I drove home. The "feels like" temperature was much colder, and the windows that were not facing the sun were covered with thick frost. When driving home, someone ahead of me had a frost covered back window, and a cop was trying to pull them over. They couldn't see the officer, and were just driving around like nothing was wrong.


Matthew Holt said...

These are sick dude! Love them, especially the bottom one.

Kyle Martin said...

Hi Matt,
Thanks so much! When I was painting them, I was reminiscing about our days out painting in your truck. Those were cold days, just like the ones we are having now.

Matthew Holt said...

...and the dammar and turp fumes!

Kyle Martin said...

I hope it's going to be good weather when we are in Door County!