Saturday, January 24, 2009

Skyline Road.

Skyline road is between Reedsburg and Rock Springs, and is one of the best views in the area. I'll be back!
16"x20" Oil on canvas. $400, includes "plein air" frame.

View of the neighbors.

The coldest days are always sunny. Here is another view out the front window, this time looking up the hill. Yup, we've got snow here. Painted on January 16th.
12"x16" Oil on canvas. $250, includes handmade frame by local woodworker and artist Pat Zuehlke.

Still Life, Sunlit Honey.

I kept the momentum going on January 15th and painted another still life. The sun was pouring through the windows and I decided to light the composition with it.
12"x16" Oil on canvas. $200

Still Life, Oranges.

I met up with a painting group here in Reedsburg on January 14th. It was nice to see what other local artists were working on and I enjoyed the conversation. I set up and painted this still life.
11"x14" Oil on canvas. $200

Cow in Fog

An interesting subject and composition lead to this piece.
12"x24" Oil on canvas. $295.

19th St., Sunset.

I was working quickly and efficiently on Saturday January 10th to complete this painting. Sometimes it's good to have a deadline (not to mention numbing cold wearing on you!)
9"x12" Oil on canvas. $220 includes gold "plein air" frame.

Grede's, Golden Hour.

I returned to the subject of Grede Foundries Thursday January 8th, from a different vantage point. I was sure to arrive an hour later this time, and I got just what I wanted, an intense sunset. Temperature wise, this was one of the coldest days I've been out this year, it was nice to get back into the house!
16"x20" Oil on canvas. $400 includes gold "plein air" frame.

Grede's, Purple Snow.

It warmed up enough Monday January 5th to finally paint outdoors. The atmosphere is very interesting in the winter, because the sun is lower, there are unexpected colors happening in the sky all day long. I enjoyed mixing the purple color of the smoke in this painting.
12"x16". Oil on canvas. $250 includes custom made frame by local woodworker Patrick Zuehlke.

Front Window View.

Sunday Jan 4th was the day after the big ice storm. I went outside to start my car, but slipped on ice and thought, "Maybe I better find something to paint inside." This is the view out of the front window at my house.
12"x12" $220.