Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mud Palette.

This is a piece that was painted with mostly recycled paint. I saved paint that I scraped off my palette from earlier paintings and used it here. This will be entered in the Sauk County Art Associations Encore!! Art show, which is a recycled materials art show. It will be interesting to see what other artists are doing with salvaged materials.
11x14 oil on canvas.

Sunsoaked Main Street.

Spring is here! One morning I woke up, looked outside and saw a kind of light I have not seen since last summer. That evening I set up downtown and quickly caught the effect of the golden light dancing on the storefronts.
11x14 oil on canvas. $220.

Two From Cornfield Road.

Cornfield Road cuts off from Terrytown Road. I ride down it on the way to Rock Springs sometimes.
8x10 oil on canvas. $100.

The day after I painted the 8x10 I had a bit more time and a larger canvas.
12x16 oil on canvas. $240.

Afternoon Trees.

This is another piece painted right after class on Terrytown Road.
8x10 oil on canvas. $80.

Dead Battery.

I was listening to the afternoon jazz program on 89.9 (WORT) a little too loud while painting this. When it cut out, I knew my car battery was dead. I need to get a portable radio. This painting shows the shadows hanging onto the last bit of snow. It wont be long until farmers are out working the fields.
8x10 oil on canvas. $80.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Late Afternoon Shadow.

Sometimes you go past a scene many times before the conditions are just right to paint it. If this was 2 hours earlier, the shadow would have been smaller and I would have just passed right by it. There has been many times that I'll be going to paint something, but it looks different than I remembered it because the light has changed, so I just paint whatever the day decides.
12x12 oil on canvas. $200.

Right After the Snowstorm.

I set up right after the snow stopped. Clouds were flying by and the light was just peeking through from behind the clouds, it was a effect that needed to be painted.
8x10 oil on canvas. $90.

Warm Winter Clouds.

It was so warm that I didn't wear gloves, and the paint flowed on the canvas. It's good remember how paint works in temperatures above freezing!
12x16 oil on canvas. $200.