Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cloudscape over Farm

I was filming myself painting for a semester project in history. Too bad the batteries died before I finished! This is just off Terrytown Rd. (I know, what a surprise) and was painted during my free period.
11x14 oil on canvas. SOLD.

Lehman Sunset

A little golden hour painting. The location is by my freshman year (high school) algebra teachers house. I dropped the class at the time thinking "I'll never need to learn algebra"... well, I'm back in an algebra class now, around 15 years later.
9x12 $150.

Gibraltar Rock in Lodi, as seen from outside Baraboo.

This is the scene off of Freedom road, this side of Baraboo. I was paining away and a farmer and his grandson drove up on a tractor and told me that I was painting a scene of Gibraltar Rock which is about 40 miles away. I just thought I was painting some cool blue bluffs.
16x20 oil on canvas $400.

Big Sky, Friday

20x16 oil on canvas. $400.