Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Treeline Paintings - Show at Blue Heron May 23

We moved out to the farm during the winter, and it's great to be surrounded by the landscape. The night we moved into the 150 year old farmhouse, I began to see the landscape out of the windows.

We are on 100 acres, on a road with few cars each day, surrounded by fields and the bog. The first paintings that I made looking out of the windows focused on the treeline out of the west window. The field is very rough, and so is the treeline, which gave me a challenge to paint.

It was good to study the different light effects and complete some different paintings of the same subject. There were elements that can make up a landscape painting, the ground, the upright masses of the trees, and the sky, it was just organizing them in different ways to show variety. The light in winter was unobstructed by summer haze. It was nice to focus more on the sky on these afternoons and evenings.

Sometimes, it seems that just getting to the location to paint is half the battle. Rushing around and setting up an easel in the freezing winter eats up time and daylight. I enjoyed having my paints set up and ready to go, with a crock pot of soup at arm reach.

I have a show coming up, on May 23 At Blue Heron in Reedsburg. I will be showing around 40 paintings from the winter, going through mud season, and ending up in spring.