Friday, August 5, 2016

Painting In Door County

Eagle Panorama at Peninsula State Park. 16x20" oil on panel

Sturgeon Bay 16x20" oil on panel
I was up in Door County this week, teaching a painting class for teens at the Peninsula School of Art. The class went really well. On each day we had a drawing exercise in the morning, and then we went out onto the grounds of the school to paint outdoors. I went out in the evenings to paint as well. The top painting is from Eagle Panorama at Peninsula State Park. The bottom painting was created in Sturgeon Bay, there is a little tugboat at the right of the building.
It was a great time, but just before the trip, I got a email from Martha Huthchinson saying that she was leaving the school. Martha has been the youth program coordinator since 2012, and her parents own Clay Bay pottery in Ellison Bay. Martha and I worked on several classes over the past five years. I enjoy the energy of working with youth students on classes such as the plein air class and we even have held classes on screen printing skateboard decks. I will miss seeing Martha's smiling face at the school, she is always so helpful and ran a great program. The youth program will continue, and I will be back on board for next year as well.