Wednesday, August 28, 2019

New Summer Paintings and Video's

I always try to get the best images of my work as I can, but a photograph of a painting will always leave something to be desired. If you would like to see my summer paintings in person, please set up a time to visit my in my chicken coop studio, or plan to visit me on the 2019 Fall Art Tour which is October 18, 19, and 20. 
Ableman Road Farm golden hour 11x14" Sold

Early Summer Irises 16x20" $550
This was a fun afternoon of painting. These irises are in my neighborhood, and they only lasted a few days before they wilted in the June heat. I found them one morning while walking the dog, and painted them in the afternoon. The video below will give another perspective of the painting.

Ableman Road Farm Late Evening 11x14" Sold

Afternoon Clouds and Cows 11x14" $400

Baraboo River and St. Joes Church 12x16" $500
This was painted in early May. It was one of the first nice evenings of the year, there were buds appearing on the trees for the first time and great golden light. For me, this meant that I was seeing colors in the landscape that I had not seen for some time. I painted this from the parking lot of the new Baraboo police station, in the shadow from a huge quartz rock that they excavated when they were digging the foundation for the police station. 

Vernon County Farm 16x20" $550
I set up my easel in Vernon County a couple of weeks ago and painted this farm in a valley. There is a little stream running alongside the pasture, and several layers of hills in the distance. Vernon county is just far enough away that I don't paint there very often, but when I do get there it all feels new. I also filmed my painting session, and the video is below.

Belter's Cows 24x20" Sold
I drive past these cows every day on the way to Baraboo, and have painted the farm several times. On this day, the barnyard was flooded, and the water made for an interesting blue shape at the bottom of the canvas. One cow in particular became very interested in me, and I became interested in her as well. She sort of stole the show on this one.

The Neighbor's Farm 12x16" $400
This was a demonstration painting that I did for my plein air workshop in June. The workshop group and I stood in a freshly planted corn field,  under a shade tree while I painted this. The focus of my demo was on shapemaking and simplification. I filmed the demo, and put together a short video of the painting's creation below.

Carl Beth's old Farm 9x12" $250
This farm is just down the road from my place under late light.

Door County Still Life Demo 11x14" - $350
The still life with oranges and blue glass bottles was painted at the Peninsula School of Art in June. I had 12 great students in the class, and this was the demo on the first day. The class focused on painting still life, and I set this still life up outdoors and encouraged the students to do the same.

Lautenbach's Orchard Country Winery in Door County 9x12" $250
I was in Door County to teach a workshop in early June. We had a late spring in Wisconsin, so on June 2nd I was painting cherry blossoms. I painted at Lautenbach's during the 2017 Door County plein air festival, and they were happy to have me paint the spring colors.

Late Evening Cows 16x20" Sold
There is a smell in the air at this time of night on the backroads. This reminds me of the humid air that is cooling as the sun sets. 

Lemonade Still Life 20x24" $750
This was one of those afternoons, during the dog days of summer, that called for lemonade.  I captured some shots of the  painting session, with my dog at my feet, and made a video of it below.

HWY S Farm Late Light 12x16" $450
I taught some youth classes at UW Richland this summer, and painted this farm on the ride home. In this version, the trees to the left of the canvas were casting a shadow onto the barn, while the background fields were bathed in golden light. 

Golden hour on Tim Harm's Farm 11x14" $400
This was painted on my driveway, looking towards the neighbor's farm. The freshly planted corn field foreground falls into shadow while Tim's barn is illuminated by the late evening sun.

Spring View from the North Bluff in Baraboo 11x14" $450

The Peninsula School of Art in Spring 9x12" $250
This was a demonstration painting that I gave at the Peninsula School of Art in June. The building depicted is the School/Gallery and it is a very interesting structure. It is sort of like a double layered round barn with a cupola. The gardens at the school are always well done and on this day there was a blossoming tree that I could not resist in the foreground. 

Summer Peony Still Life 20x16" Sold

Roecker Farm 16x20" $550

Late Spring Farm 12x16" $400

Terrytown Bales 16x20" Sold

Mud Season Farm 11x14" $400

Golden Hour Thunderhead Study 6x9" Sold

July Thunderhead 16x20" $500

Wilson's Ice Cream Parlor in Ephraim 12x16" $450
Wilson's is one of those places that makes Door County special. I had such a nice time painting it, with the red and white striped awning and afternoon light hitting the facade, that I wonder why I hadn't painted there sooner.