Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Devils Lake from the West Bluff Trail

Devils Lake from the West Bluff Trail 16x20"

This painting was from July. There is a service trail to get up to the top of the West Bluff trail, meaning that it's possible to get to the top in 10 minutes instead of a half hour. You have to park on the side of South Shore Road, by the maintenance shop. 
When I was painting up there, I had 10 year old (going on 17) Maci with me. She was a good sport about going out painting every morning this summer. She didn't want me to do more than one a day, but I can understand that. Most people get sick of my painting habit after a while as it takes time.
When I was paining this, I was finding some fun colors. I felt like I was painting with candy. I guess that it was because of the moisture in the air, and the distance.