Sunday, April 28, 2024

Plein Air Workshop

 Hi Everyone,

Thanks for signing up for the workshop. Rational Painting and Plein air Painting are two sides of the same coin. The drawing and painting exercises that I will demonstrate in this class will teach you the fundamentals of 1. Finding and Observing a subject to paint 2. Drawing 3. Values and 4. Color.

We will break each of the 4 fundamentals down into easily understood chunks. When you understand the concepts, you will be able to paint.

This blog post will have all of the info for the class. I will update it with more info as I create it.

1. Welcome Video

2. Workshop Reading:

3. Supplies List:

(All Materials Available or )

Many of you have good supplies already. You do not need to go out and buy all new supplies. Just make sure that you have something similar to the items on the list. If you use more colors than what I have, bring them along.  If you use less, I will give you a squeeze of any colors that you are missing. If you have grayscale markers from my other classes, bring those as well, but they will not be required for this color class. 

The recommended palette for this class is a split primary palette with the secondary colors included. The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. A split primary palette includes a “warm leaning” and “cool leaning” version of each primary color. This class is all about color, and we will get into detail about why I chose these colors on the first day.

Proportional divider:

Concept markers (set of 12)
Cool grey range or
Cool warm range (currently 50

Oil Paint Recommended Colors

Titanium White - Lukas 1862 brand - large 200 ml tube

Cadmium Yellow Light - Van Gogh brand - 40ml tube               (Primary color - cool yellow)

Cadmium Yellow Medium -  Van Gogh brand - 40 ml tube        (Primary color -warm yellow)

Permanent Orange - Lukas 1862 brand - 37 ml tube                   (secondary color)

Yellow Ochre - Lukas studio brand - 37 ml tube                         (earth color)

Vermilion (warm red) - Van Gogh Brand - 40 ml tube                (Primary Color - warm red)

Permanent Rose - Winton Brand - 37 ml tube                             (Primary Color - cool red)

Burnt Sienna - Lukas Studio Brand - 37 ml tube                         (earth color)

Dioxazine Purple - Winton Brand - 37 ml tube                           (secondary color)

Ultramarine Blue - Lukas 1862 Brand - 37 ml tube                    (Primary Color - warm blue)

Pthalo Blue - Lukas 1862 Brand - 37 ml tube                             (Primary Color - cool blue)

Pthalo Green - Lukas 1862 Brand - 37 ml tube                           (Secondary color)


If you already have brushes there is no need to purchase more. 

Double check to make sure you have some of range of sizes and that they are in good condition. I use synthetic brushes. The synthetics that I use are softer than hog brissle and stiffer than sable. Synthetic brushes also last longer than natural hog brissle

I normally use The Powercryl Synthetic Brush Set from (

These brushes come in a set of 5, all useful sizes, they are priced at $10-$20 for the set. I use flats and sometimes brights. 

Painting Supports or Canvases:

Please bring 3 painting panels, size 6x8", 8x10” or 9x12”

I use Centurion oil primed linen panels,

Misc. supplies

Solvent (Gamsol or Art Treehouse biobased artist rinse and thinner)

Neo-Megilp painting medium (small bottle)

Container to hold Gamsol (You can get a brush bath from jerry’s or just use an old peanut butter jar)

A roll of paper towels (Viva Original works well)

Pencil with an eraser (A school #2 pencil is fine or an art pencil in HB will be great as well)

Liquitex SMALL painting knife #15

A marker sketch pad or regular sketch pad (or I’ll borrow you a couple sheets). 


Palette (I will use a paper palette pad)

In addition to these supplies, you will need an easel. 

*Optional* painting umbrella such as the Shade Buddy from Gorilla painter or the sport brella:

Please bring a lunch or a snack to class each day. There is water at the farm and if you forget something, don’t be afraid to ask! 

The workshop will run no matter the weather, and we will paint outdoors “en plein air” if the weather cooperates. You will want to have a hat with a brim to keep the sun out of your eyes and depending on temperatures you may want to have a heavy jacket, gloves, and your warm/waterproof boots.

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